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Global Compact International Yearbook Is Once Again a Medal Winner of US Book Award

30. August 2017


The Global Compact International Yearbook 2016 has won a silver medal at the prestigious 10th Axiom Business Book Awards. The joint publication of macondo publishing and United Nations Publications finished second in the category “Philantrophy/Nonprofit/Sustainability” behind Greenleaf Publishing.

Sustainable innovation is the key topic that the Global Compact International Yearbook 2016 is highlighting with to meet the needs of the Sustainable Development Goals. “Business must fit into planetary boundaries. This probably will not work using traditional business models. That is why we need new, fresh ideas. We need change, even when it happens in a rough, disruptive way. And the earlier, the better,” says Dr. Elmer Lenzen, publisher of the Yearbook.

An additional highlight are interviews with three of the most famous and committed actors in Hollywood: Robert Redford, Angelina Jolie, and Sigourney Weaver discuss their offscreen engagements in individual, extensive interviews. Redford, for example, offers his personal perspective on climate change and also tells us about his ecological work, whereby Jolie gives us a personal insight into her work with refugees and the United Nations.

Finally, more than 30 different companies participated in the Yearbook by offering their good practice examples and demonstrating how they implement the SDGs into praxis. “Business success demands that business leaders embrace the future and keep learning and growing,” says Axiom Award founder, Jerrold Jenkins. “This year’s award-winning books offer not only great ideas, but an imperative to create change.”

All medal-winning books represent the Axiom philosophy “Success through knowledge” by facilitating a certain kind of information to companies and business persons. The Axiom Business Book Awards have the intention of increasing the recognition of exemplary business books. Knowing that business people are an information-hungry part of the population, Axiom offers these awards to inform the business community about certain business books and their creators in order to inspire business people and to give them the possibilities of improving their careers and businesses.

This year’s medals went to publishers and authors from 17 different US states, two provinces in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Switzerland. Within the group of American medal winners, there were a blend of established New York publishers, university presses, and independent publishers of all sizes.

This is already the second award for the Global Compact International Yearbook. Last year’s 2015 edition won a bronze medal at the Independent Publisher Book Award.

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