Let us introduce ourselves

The Global Goals Yearbook is published under the auspices of the macondo foundation in cooperation with United Nations Publications. The books are not made for commercial intentions. macondo foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Marion & Elmer Lenzen, pioneers in corporate sustainability communication. We have been among the very first publishers worldwide to join the UN Global Compact and the Global Reporting Initiative. The macondo foundation support the following charitable purposes: the promotion of science and research; the promotion of art and culture; the promotion of nature conservation, environmental protection and coastal protection; the promotion of tolerance in all areas of society and international exchange; the promotion of animal welfare; the promotion of development cooperation; the promotion of civic engagement. Why we do this? We understand it is not enough to show that sustainability works. You must help and build capacities to make it work.

How it all came to be…

It all started on the edge of the Johannesburg Earth Summit in 2002. Then Secretary General Kofi Annnan made use of the summit to promote its vision of collective leadership for sustainable development. It was the dawn and start time of what then became the broad global management trend towards Corporate Social Responsibility. We here at macondo joined the UNGC in 2002 and started a German publication about the 10 principles in 2004. It was the first ever periodic on CSR within the UN.

Five years later the UN Global Compact was preparing its 10th anniversary. macondo again was at the top of the preparations and we contributed pro bono a huge exposition reviewing work and milestones of the UNGC. The exhibition walls were displays in the venerable entrance of the UN Assembly Hall. At the same time the Global Compact International Yearbook started and was rebranded in 2018 as Global Goals Yearbook to meet the new needs of the sustainable development debate. Over the years the yearbooks became a world leading publication on corporate sustainability.

Our Vision

"We are not asking you to do something different from your normal business; we are asking you to do your normal business differntly." Kofi Annan


The Global Goals Yearbook helps to advance corporate transparency, promotes the sharing of good business practices, and, perhaps most significantly, gives a strong voice to the regional and global stakeholders that are at the heart of the sustainability agenda.

The yearbook offers in-depth information on key sustainability issues relevant to stakeholders around the world and seeks to promote comprehensive knowledge exchange and learning in the spirit of the Global Compact principles. In this way, the publication will give a strong voice to the regional and global actors that are at the heart of the initiative.



The UN Sustainable Development Goals are the result of a process that has been more inclusive than ever, with governments involving business, civil society, and citizens from the outset. We are all in agreement on where the world needs to go. Fulfilling these ambitions will take an unprecedented effort by all sectors in society — and business must play a very important role in the process. The SDGs not only identify where we must be in 2030 to create a sustainable world, they also outline new markets and opportunities for companies all over the world. To succeed, the SDGs must become the blueprint for doing business locally.