Who can participate?

Participation is open for all companies who commit themselves to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, whether they are participants of the Global Compact or any other UN initiative or not. True engagement is what matters.

Is the yearbook published by the UNGC?

No. The publishing house is the independent macondo publishing GmbH which produces this publication in close cooperation with the Global Compact Office in New York. Therefore the yearbook is rather based on the personal engagement of participants like your company, macondo publishing and many others around the world.

Is my sponsorship a donation to the Foundation of the Global Compact?

Contributions are not being collected on behalf of the Global Compact office, rather they are exclusively to fund the development of the Global Compact International Yearbook by macondo publishing.

Who is going to read the book?

Our experiences from previous editions are that many politicians, journalists, analysts and investors as well as representatives from NGOs and academics do read this book. The “Global Compact International Yearbook” is published in English to target a global audience, including UNGC participants, relevant stakeholders and academics. The books are published in a limited edition – thus making them of enduring value.

When do we have to pay our sponsorship?

You may pay in advance, but you have to pay after publishing. The terms of payment are up to 60 days after receipt of invoice due net. In Germany add VAT. We draw your attention to the fact that VAT tax obligations are passing over to the recipiant of the invoice.